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How many cards does the Walli case hold?

We recommend 2 cards. The material will "break-in" over time, allowing more give in the wallet for a looser fit or additional card!

Are Walli cases compatible with wireless charging?

While some Walli customers have found that yes, it does work, our cases weren’t designed with this specific feature in mind. We are working on cases for future production to better accommodate wireless charging!

What if the tab on my loop is not staying in the slot?

The tab at the bottom of the finger strap is only meant to be placed into the slot for the kickstand feature, not while holding your phone. To create the loop, you "rest" the tab into one of the slots (we recommend the middle) and use the weight of t

Are Walli cases shock absorbent ?

Yes! Our case shell is designed with an inner-pad to absorb shock when it is dropped. Just try not to drop it on your face!

What material are Walli cases made of?

Our cases are made of a vegan leather. And with love. Vegan leather and love.

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